Christmas @ Number 42

Christmas get together @ number 42 was amazing, I never managed to make it to the pale blue door but this pop up restaurant created by set designer Tony Hornecker lived up to expectations. The Architecture Foundation collaborated on this project and let Tony loose within the Architecture Foundations space....From walking into the space I instantly felt like I was in honey I shrunk the kids and we were in this massive dolls house, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore, I especially liked the table for two in the lavatory......and as for the cabaret, words cannot describe it.


And no not the rehab/ of my best friends and I are throwing a New Years party @ the bar...come along and represent and get Krunked up...........these are the tickets designed and Screen printed by yours truely......Holla @ me for more info....

It's been a while

Blogging with me kinda comes in waves........none for ages and then POW....loads of updating....anyway I wanted to start off with this amazing Birthday present some of my closest friends bought me.......Some haven't even seen it yet so now they can see what they got me......A cindy lamp by Ferruccio Laviani for's absolutely beautiful........from the tear drop base to the chrome finish...perfection. Thank you x x

Sydney skyline

Although this happened just over a month ago I think it needs a little mention. How beautiful is the sky!!! Wish I could of been there. Looking at these photographs I realized the striking similarity from The Weather Project a few years back at the Tate Modern created by Olafur Eliasson. Do you agree?????

Inflatable Street Art NYC

Joshua allen harris is a New York based street artist who's taken street art to a next level. Using garbage bags and carefully positioning his characters on subway street grates that cause them to periodically inflate and magically come to life.


Everyone deserves a little treat........I think I'll be going for the 'Peace' temple.
Regarded as Sickboys infamous symbol each themed temple (edition of 25) is numbered and signed by the artist. And comes in a slick screen printed box.


The infamous CEPT presents A FROZEN EXPLOSION tonight's the private view so come along and check it out.

Tonight from 6.30-9pm.
26 Argyle Square

I need this in my life

So gotta give props to Z as she's the one who told me about this....Haven't had the chance to smell it yet or get my mits on it but the concept's amazing>>>>>>>>>>check it out :)

Ben Wilson chair customisation

Whilst attempting to clean up my desktop I stumbled across these beauties......3D Industrial designer Ben Wilsons Airfix chairs that I customized as part of my major project all those years back.


After a months detox from alcohol I thought it was about time to treat myself to a little reward........nothing better than a pair of Adam Kimmel sunglasses from DSM..........classy and contemporary.......U likey ????

Artburst Flyer

Hope you all checked it out ;)

LOVETHYNBR...........DO YOU????

How I ♡ coffee

Tis the time for my coffee fix

Oldskool sweets

Oh the memories.....Kinda random but when I was in the supermarket this morning I clocked these......refresher 90's......childhood obviously had to indulge. With the Wham bar I just liked the type.......happy chomping.

♥ Haring

I'm a huge fan of the late Keith Haring, a pioneer within the New York Art scene.......I produced this piece for a friends remix you can see my piece has strong Haring influences....a true inspiration. x


Old ITSI outline with graphic fill.....


So my website's taking forever so thought it's about time I'd do something about here I am....Itsme luke embden.....doodler, screen printer, designer......and lover of posca pens....
I'm open to collaborations and freelance work, so please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think of my work...Peace L x