Christmas @ Number 42

Christmas get together @ number 42 was amazing, I never managed to make it to the pale blue door but this pop up restaurant created by set designer Tony Hornecker lived up to expectations. The Architecture Foundation collaborated on this project and let Tony loose within the Architecture Foundations space....From walking into the space I instantly felt like I was in honey I shrunk the kids and we were in this massive dolls house, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore, I especially liked the table for two in the lavatory......and as for the cabaret, words cannot describe it.


And no not the rehab/ of my best friends and I are throwing a New Years party @ the bar...come along and represent and get Krunked up...........these are the tickets designed and Screen printed by yours truely......Holla @ me for more info....

It's been a while

Blogging with me kinda comes in waves........none for ages and then POW....loads of updating....anyway I wanted to start off with this amazing Birthday present some of my closest friends bought me.......Some haven't even seen it yet so now they can see what they got me......A cindy lamp by Ferruccio Laviani for's absolutely beautiful........from the tear drop base to the chrome finish...perfection. Thank you x x