A computer rendering of how Strarford High Street could look come 2012, comparisons to Manhattans Fifth Avenue have been made by the papers. Stratford High Street being one of the key access points for the Olympics and also the 2012 London Marathon. I've mixed thoughts on this ambitious project but one thing is sure, it's a matter of time to see how it'll look.

Above are the two renderings of the iconic Pinnacle tower and the Heron tower both currently under construction.

Photo I took a few weeks back of the construction of the Heron Tower going up.


I've said this many a times and I'll happily put my hand up to say that I'm probably the shitest blogger out here, but hey....I kinda treat it as a scrap book. I'm forever scribbling down artists names or putting them into my phone and then losing them, completely forgetting what or who it was, so anyway here's a few of the scribbles I've come across this late evening.

Rachel Whiteread "Place (Village)"

David Herbert Empire

Mike Perry Alphabet Town
Amazingly talented check him out


More about the man himself, also a nice feature on Faile and more....


Love these ESPO Nikes, they're one of a few pairs that I'd really like in my collection.
Designed by Graffiti artist Espo these are pure slickness, and am a sucker for the transparent structure of this particular kick.
My good old friend Mubi has a pair and these beauties and managed to check them whilst at his gaff, he has one of if not thee BIGGEST collection of trainers, literally he is " there was a young man who lived in a Trainer"
We're talking floor to ceiling throughout his bedroom, hallway and attic is full off boxed up kicks......Check the video and you'll get the gist.

Still on a Oldskool flex

Remember the day I got my first Timex watch when I was a kid, damm the watch was popping.......with the back-lit green glow.....

Just came across this Ad and feel it deserves a post, this is real vintage.....shame there's no sound but is still classic


Random I know but wanted to keep a record of this, was about last week and was in the pub with a mate reminiscing about our youth and everything kinda oldskool......we both then remembered TAB CLEAR which was amazing, tastes just like coke but clear...and @ 23p a bargain (props to wiki) ....I remember dashing half the drink on the floor in disbelief that it was clear.....sweet memories...