Screen Print 5 colour way, print size is w 13" x h 17"
Edition of 28 signed and numbered
£40 available @ Oblong Gallery, 69a Southgate Road, N1 3JS part of Printnomenom Show
And also

Scorpion Mask

I made this a wile back for Hot Boy Dancing Spots Halloween extraganza and really wanted to make some kinda mask....Being a Scorpio and liking Scorpions...See me recently in Italy holding this littlen I thought why not make one.. Throw in a little blood and voilĂ  perfect Halloween attire.

New Screen Print coming.......

A lil sneak peak into what's to come....I'm exhibiting in a group show this week..Private View this Wednesday.....Final layer being printed tomo..Exciting...fingers crossed all goes smoothly..The show's theme is Natural Phenomena.


Tonights the night, feel free to come and see what us creatives have produced in this group show....

02 September 2010, 18.00 – 22.00
Dalston Superstore, 117 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB

Emma Gibson, Fred Butler, Louise Riley, Luke Embden, Anna Bruder, Celia Arias, Jay Barry Matthews, Moses Powers, Adam Vergette, Clare Whittingham, Martin Wollerstam, Justine Josephs, Cordelia Weston, Alex Noble.

The Gallery Superstore invites artists for it’s fourth group show, to explore the themes and practices of the parlor game originating ‘Exquisite Corpse’. A name given by the Surrealists when they first played the game also known as ‘Consequences’. In it’s original form it was a play of sentences and adjective nouns. Finding the practice playful and enriching, the surrealist developed it into more of an art form that has been celebrated to this day.
And can now be seen as drawing, collage and sculpture and inspires artists to fashion designers and photographers.

The morbidness of the games title seems to push through when inspiring previous art works of this theme, moving away from the playful to the more subversive, as seen in the work of Hans Bellmer’s ‘poupee’ series and the sculptures of Louise Bourgeois.
The art of creating figures from a varied number of objects gave a way to represent characters and symbolize parts of their psyche with effective and sometimes disturbing results. The random objects used may reflect the jumbled assortment of ideas and emotions manifested by the artist. To show physical strength or weakness as well as mental intent.

With the modern obsessions for body modification, ground breaking scientific developments and constant referencing to the past and the future. This exhibition gives artists scope to produce a figure that is diverse and unique, surreal and hap hazard or meticulous in creation.
The concept gives access to explore gender and social roles with the freedom to be playful as well as serious in discussion, what will we learn about the artist by what they create?

The exhibition seeks to be 3D installation lead, with the artists life size ‘cadavers’ hanging from the Superstore meat hooks, as an eclectic morgue of objects of intrigue.

Work in progress

Work in progress for group show curated by the very talented Alex Noble.
Here's a glimpse of my piece in the early to the studio to get it finished...
Private View this thursday at Dalston Superstore from 6pm.........

Coffee Time....

Customized coffee cups in my room

Big Chill

Got the hook up last minute to go to the Big Chill so couldn't refuse a free ticket......
Last minute lifts with complete strangers and then onto 3 days of music, drinking and general chilling...
And Massive Attack smashed it.


Canvas commission

Damn Dancing Towers

The finished model "Dancing Tower" Zaha Hadid

Models in Progress

Live Painting in a mystery Bar

Had the pleasure to be asked to paint at this amazing bar hidden under one of the arches off Leake street.
Here's a few snaps of what I got up to in a few hours.........


Limited Edition only 30 hand screen printed… Collaboration design WORK IT x ITSME….get a piece of the ILL NA NA while you can!!


WATCH THIS SPACE......Foxy Brown's coming.....


Canvas comission 55DSL LONDON


Recently I entered a illustration competition run by Don't Panic where each entry is auctioned off and all proceeds going to The Macmillan Cancer charity..... Amazingly my Hand pulled Screen Print was picked as the winner in the competition, judged by Chris Ratcliffe and Hannah Havana from Garudio studiage.
Being picked as the winner I had my design printed onto all the goodie bags....
There was also lots of amazing talented fashion designers and illustrators and a beautiful Installation room by Pam Hogg

For more information on the event check


What a difference a few years makes....Overkill use to sell spray paint, markers and a few select limited edition trainners. But fast forward a few years and the stores expanded stocking all the big street brands,clothing and sneakers and also exhibiting art work from some of street arts heavyweights including Mode 2, Fafi to name a few.......Still most definately worth passing through...


Been to Berlin many a times and always love discovering little frith stores and independent boutiques....On my recent trip I discovered this gem of a shop "Superstore" full of many vintage delights, lots of carefully sourced fashion pieces and accessories, so no need to rummage through the shit......Beautiful graphic prints and colourful pieces, the store itself also has amazing bold murals through out the basement store (painted by the owner david) with 80s furnishing fixtures .....a must for any vintage lover and street style fashionista....And the owner David is one of the friendliest that you'll meet...Happy Shopping :)